Tio's Cerveceria

Tio's is mine, yours and everyones.
Everyone Welcome.
Bienvenidos a Tio's.

4-14 Foster St
Surry Hills, Sydney,
NSW, Australia.

Wednesday to Saturday
5 PM till 12 AM
5 PM till 10 PM



    February 22nd 2020

    Margarita. Tommy, Spicy, Classic, Passion, Tios, Melon. Margarita.

  • Disco de la Muerte

    November 1st 2019

    Rip it and dip it

  • World Tequila Day 

    A yearly celebration and exploration of the culture of Tequila. 

    On World Tequila Day, Tio’s Cerveceria and Australia’s best agave importers celebrate independent artisanal tequila. It's a chance to taste the spirits of independent distilleries and distributors for free. World Tequila Day is always a prime opportunity to experience Mexico’s national spirit as it was first intended. 

  • Mezcal Minifest 

    Tio’s is the home of Mezcal Minifest; a celebration of all things mezcal. 

    Mezcal Mini Fest comes to Tio’s from the palenques of rural Mexico every year. Showcasing the most delicious mezcals in the world, Australia’s best agave importers join together to celebrate one of the world’s most rare and mysterious spirits.

  • Bartenders Brunch

    Kicking off Australian Bar Week in style.

    The proposal is simple, we invite all our friends from the industry Australia-wide and put on, free of charge, a massive feast. Think Dutch still life meets Oaxacan palenque. It's a great opportunity to get a few likeminded individuals under the same roof with a copita in hand. 

  • Talking Tequila Tour 

    Talkin’ Tequila is a combination of everything we have learnt, and wish we knew, about tequila and its history, production and traditions. 2 hours of power with an in-depth tasting, immersive videos & photos and our first-hand experiences and love of Mexico. 

  • Native Jalisco Disco

  • Talkin Tequila

  • World Tequila Day 2018

  • Memories of Mexico

    We're going to be working with our friends at Bodega to bring you a dinner matching the finest tequila!

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